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The Importance of Banking Local with Citizens State Bank

For over 110 years, Citizens State Bank has been part of the communities of Naturita, Ouray, Ridgway, Silverton and Telluride. We’re not just your local bank; we’re your neighbors, your friends, and your biggest cheerleaders. Banking with us goes beyond transactions and balances. It’s about sharing stories, building trust, and growing together. Banking local keeps the dream alive for small businesses, helping your friends and neighbors, and ensuring our little towns stay just as vibrant and close-knit as always. We’re here, always ready for a chat and to lend a helping hand, ensuring our communities not only survive but thrive!

Over a Century as a Pillar of Community Growth

Citizens State Bank has been a key player in boosting the growth of our community for 110 years, especially when it comes to helping local businesses and encouraging economic development. Our journey has always been about being a reliable support system for our community. When you deposit your money here, it doesn’t just sit in an account. It gets busy! Your dollar goes on a journey, moving around within our local community, helping businesses and people, and in turn, boosting our local economy. This cycle, which we often refer to as the “Multiplier Effect,” works like this:

the multiplier effect of banking local

  • Initial Deposit: Imagine you just got your paycheck and you deposit it into your bank account at Citizens State Bank. But your money doesn’t just sit there! It gets to work right here in our community. We use it to help out local folks and businesses with loans, which are like a helping hand when they want to grow, build, or get through tough times.
  • Loans and Investments: So, let’s say a friend in town wants to open a coffee shop. They come to us, and thanks to deposits like yours, we can give them a loan to help get it started. They use that money to buy things they need – like coffee beans, a fancy espresso machine, and comfy chairs for the shop.
  • Circulation of Money: Now, the money spent on the espresso machine and chairs goes to those businesses, and they, in turn, spend that money on what they need – maybe paying their employees or getting more materials. Those employees might spend their paycheck at a local grocery store, and the cycle goes on!
  • Continued Economic Activity: This cycle of spending and re-spending keeps rolling, helping businesses to stay open, people to have jobs, and our community to stay lively and thriving.
  • Amplified Impact: So, your one deposit ends up being part of a much larger pool of money that’s spent in our community, creating an impact that’s way bigger than the original amount. It’s like a positive financial ripple effect!

When you choose to bank with a big, national brand, your money often travels far beyond the confines of your local community. Unlike local banks, national or global banking institutions tend to distribute funds across a wide array of investments, projects, and loans that span across the country or even internationally. So, the money you deposit might be used to fund a project in a distant city or be invested in global markets. While it’s still safe and accessible to you, it’s not directly contributing to the economic growth or development of your local community. Banking local, especially with Citizens State Bank, is not merely a financial decision but a commitment to nurturing the growth and vitality of our community.

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Personalized Customer Service

At Citizens State Bank, our customers are not just account numbers but cherished members of our banking family. The value of knowing your banker by name, experiencing a banking relationship that spans generations, and enjoying a uniquely tailored banking experience is unparalleled.

Through personal anecdotes and testimonials from our long-time residents, we find joy in sharing stories of trust, rapport, and unwavering support that have been built over decades. Moreover, while we cherish our rich history, we also embrace the future, continually evolving technologically to serve you better.

Additional Benefits of Banking with Citizens State Bank

  • The Advantage of Localized Decision-Making Processes: Our decision-making processes are personalized, flexible, and often expedited, ensuring that the unique needs and contexts of our local customers are considered.
  • Unparalleled Knowledge of the Local Market: Our in-depth insights into the local market enable us to design financial products that cater specifically to the community’s needs, manage risks effectively, and proactively support areas ensuring community growth.
  • Community Involvement: Our legacy is not just in banking but in being a steadfast supporter of our community, sponsoring, and championing local events and initiatives that bring us together and help us thrive.

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Join Us in Nurturing Our Community’s Future

As we celebrate the enduring legacy of Citizens State Bank, we reflect on our unwavering commitment to the community that has always been our backbone. Our journey has been incredible, filled with stories of growth, resilience, and shared successes. And so, we extend a heartfelt call to action to our residents, both old and new, to continue supporting Citizens State Bank – a bank that has, and always will, support them.

In every transaction, every interaction, and every smile exchanged across the counter, we see the strength and spirit of our community. Here’s to many more years of banking local, growing together, and preserving the enchanting spirit of our beloved mountain towns. If you have any questions or simply fancy a friendly chat, please feel free to drop by any of our branches or give us a call. We’re here for you, today and always.