Personal Checking Accounts

Manage your finances with a checking account from Citizens State Bank in Colorado.

Altitude Checking

This checking account is perfect for anyone looking for a low-cost and hassle-free checking account. 

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NOW Account

This is an interest-bearing checking account that is designed to help you earn more on your deposits.

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This is a premium interest-bearing checking account that can help you earn even more on your deposits.

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San Juan Club

This is an interest-bearing checking account that offers exclusive benefits to our customers aged 55 and above.

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Personal Checking

This account is designed to offer convenience and flexibility while helping you manage your finances with ease.

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Compare accounts to find the best choice for you.

  Minimum initial deposit Minimum balance Interest rate
Altitude Checking No No N/A
Personal Checking $100 $600 for no service fee N/A
San Juan Club (55+) $100 $1000 to accrue interest premium interest rate*
NOW $100 $1000 for no service fee competitive interest rate*
SUPER NOW $100 $2500 for no service fee premium interest rate*

VISA Debit Card

Citizens State Bank is proud to offer VISA debit cards for consumers and businesses.

The VISA debit card is good anywhere VISA is accepted. It is a safe, secure, and convenient way to pay for goods and services directly from your checking account. It also works at ATMs for cash withdrawals, transfers, and balance inquiries. Please note that if your card is only attached to a savings account, it only acts as an ATM card and cannot be used to make purchases. 

With a VISA debit card you can:

  • Access to your account’s available balance up to $2,500 in outstanding authorized signature or PIN-based POS transactions at any given time
  • Make up to $500 in ATM PIN-based transactions every 24 hours

To activate your card, dial the activation number on the sticker on the front of the card. You must call this number from the primary phone number listed on your account. To change your PIN, call (877) 265-9594. 

If you have lost your VISA debit card or believe that it has been stolen or otherwise compromised, call 800-528-2273 or contact us at (970) 325-6100 immediately.

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*Please see a customer service representative for current rate information, calculation method and to obtain a copy of our Truth in Savings Disclosure.