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Together We Thrive: Citizens State Bank’s Dedication to Local Causes

Nestled in the heart of our beloved hometowns—Naturita, Ouray, Ridgway, Silverton, and Telluride—Citizens State Bank (CSB) has remained a steadfast community pillar since 1913, 100% locally owned. It’s in these towns, where small-town pride thrives, and everyone knows their neighbors, that CSB shines as a remarkable example of community support. With an unyielding commitment to our local community, CSB has made significant charitable contributions to various local organizations, exemplifying the importance of giving back. In the following paragraphs, we’ll shed light on CSB’s impactful donations, and you’ll discover how you can play a vital role in supporting your favorite local charity.


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Citizens State Bank’s Local Charity Endeavors:

The Sherbino Theater

  • Mission: To offer and support programs that promote lifelong learning, the arts, culture, community, and embody the Chautauqua tradition while advancing the creative economic vitality of our region.
  • CSB’s Contribution: Citizens State Bank has consistently supported The Sherbino Theater for several years, demonstrating a strong commitment to fostering the arts and culture in the region. CSB’s substantial donations have played a key role in the theater’s ability to launch new artistic programs and host a variety of cultural events. This support has not only enriched the community but also upheld the cherished Chautauqua tradition.

Ouray County Community Fund (OCCF)

  • Mission: The Ouray County Community Fund (OCCF) is a charitable investment account to benefit the people of Ouray County. Community-minded donors can make contributions of any size. Funds are used to support local nonprofit organizations and community improvement projects through a competitive grants application process.
  • CSB’s Contribution: Citizens State Bank has proudly supported the Ouray County Community Fund for many years, demonstrating our commitment to the community’s growth and well-being. Our contributions have enabled OCCF to expand its grant-making efforts, positively impacting numerous local projects and reinforcing our support for local nonprofits. Through this partnership, we are dedicated to fostering a thriving and vibrant future for Ouray County.

The West End Pay it Forward Trust

  • Mission: The West End Pay it Forward Trust is a simple way for everyone who cares about the West End – residents, visitors, former residents, and businesses – to support our community for the long term. By contributing to the Trust, you will help to develop a locally-controlled, permanent endowment fund that will act as a savings account for our future. The earnings from the Trust will be reinvested in our community year after year, growing the endowment and and increasing our ability to provide support for local projects and organizations.
  • CSB’s Contribution: Citizens State Bank has long been a cornerstone of support for The West End Pay it Forward Trust, marking many years of unwavering commitment. Our substantial contributions have been crucial in nurturing the Trust’s endowment fund. This generosity reflects our dedication to ensuring that the West End community continuously benefits from reinvestments. By fostering local projects and uplifting organizations that make a significant impact, we are committed to making a lasting difference in the community.

The Importance of CSB’s Local Support:

Citizens State Bank’s dedication to supporting local charities goes beyond mere goodwill—it’s deeply embedded in the core values of our hometown. In tight-knit communities like ours, where everyone knows their neighbors, the importance of mutual support cannot be emphasized enough. CSB recognizes that vibrant, resilient communities are cultivated through the collective commitment of local businesses, individuals, and organizations who prioritize the well-being of their fellow citizens. When you bank locally is not just a financial choice; it’s a commitment to the very essence of community, where every transaction becomes an investment in the prosperity of our neighbors and the places we call home.

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How You Can Make a Difference Today

Join us in a collective effort to support local initiatives. This time of year offers a prime opportunity for community members to extend a helping hand through charitable donations. The strength of our community lies in its unity and the support we offer to one another. Every contribution, no matter the size, can make a significant difference to local organizations striving to improve our region.

Citizens State Bank is more than just a financial institution; it’s a cornerstone of strength and hope in our community. Through our charitable efforts, CSB embodies the values of small-town pride and community spirit. As we come together to support local charities during this special giving period, we can amplify the positive impact that CSB has begun. Together, we can build a brighter future for our beloved hometown.