Certificate of Deposit Special Offer

Choose the CD term that's best for you.

5 Month CD

This short-term option is perfect for those looking to invest their money securely but want to keep their commitment relatively brief.



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13 Month CD

Offering a middle-ground, the 13-month CD is designed for savers who seek a balance between term length and returns.



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24 or 36 Month CD

This longer-term option is ideal for those who aim to let their savings grow untouched for two or three years.



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Take Advantage of Our Limited Time Offer on Certificates of Deposit

We invite you to seize the opportunity to accelerate your financial growth with Citizens State Bank's limited-time offer on our Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts. For a short period, our CDs will carry special, higher rates, delivering an excellent way for you to boost your savings securely and reliably.

The offer includes:

  • A $1,000 minimum deposit: Open your CD account with an initial deposit of just $1,000 and enjoy the benefits of our enhanced interest rates during this promotional period.
  • Elevated interest rates: This limited-time offer ensures that your CD account will yield superior returns with above-market rates. These special rates are designed to maximize your earnings more than ever before.
  • Daily interest calculation: Our interest is calculated on a 365-day basis, compounded daily, making your savings grow significantly over time due to the higher rates.
  • Hassle-free automatic renewal: Your CD account will automatically renew at the prevailing rates upon maturity. We will notify you ahead of time, providing the opportunity for you to make any necessary changes or withdrawals if you choose to.

This higher rate CD offer is time-sensitive, so act now to secure your financial future with Citizens State Bank. Let your money work harder for you.