Visa Check Card

Citizens State Bank is proud to offer Consumer and Business VISA Check Cards!

The VISA Check Card is good anywhere VISA is accepted. It is a safe, secure and convenient way to pay for goods and services directly from your checking account. Works just like a check, only better! It also works at ATMs for cash, transfers and balance inquires.

Please feel free to stop by one of our branches to speak with one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives today!


Q. Do I have a limit on what I can spend using my VISA Check Card?
A. YES. You only have access to the available balance in your account up to $2,500 in outstanding authorized signature or PIN based Point of Sale (POS) transactions at any given time and up to $500 in ATM PIN based transactions each 24 hours. Please remember that this is based on when a merchant closes their credit card sales and that these transactions may not hit your account immediately.

Q. How do I activate my card?
When you receive your card there will be a sticker with an activation numer on the front of it. You must call this number from the primary phone number listed on your account.

Q. Can I change my PIN?
A. YES. To change your PIN, call the PIN change line at 877-265-9594

Q. My card is linked to my savings account. Because it is a VISA card, will I be able to use it to make purchases?
A. NO. When card is attached to only to your savings account, it acts as an ATM Card and cannot be used as a Check Card at a merchants location. It will NOT allow you to make any purchases.

If you have lost your VISA Check Card or believe that your credit card with The Citizens State Bank of Ouray has been stolen or otherwise compromised, call 800-528-2273 or contact us at (970) 325-6100 immediately!