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Service Fees

* indicates fees that apply to non-customers only

ACH Origination Processing

$10.00 per Payroll

ATM Transaction Fee

$1.00 at non-CSB ATMs (plus other bank charges)

Account Closure Fee (< 90 days)  (except IRAs)  $10.00
Cashier Check Fee From $1.00 to $5.00 per check
Certified Check Fee $15.00 each
Check Card/ATM Card Replacement Fee $3.00 each
*Check Cashing Fee  *$10.00 per $100 max/checks drawn on other banks
Checks Return Fee (by other banks) $3.00 each
Collection Fee (Incoming/Outgoing Domestic)  $20.00 per item (plus corresponding bank charges)

Collection Fee (Foreign Items)

$25.00 per item
*Coin Wrap Fee *$0.50 base charge per $10.00 (5% of exchange)
Fax  Fee (Domestic Incoming & Outgoing) $2.50 first page/$1.00 each additional page
Fax Fee (International) $5.00 per page
Foreign Currency Exchange Fee $25.00 per exchange
International Service Assessment Fee (ISA) up to 1% of transaction
IRA Early Termination Fee    $35.00
Letter Of Credit Fee      1%
Levy / Garnishment Processing Fee   $75.00 each
Microfilm Copy Fee             $1.50 each
Money Order Fee From $1.00 to $5.00 per check
**Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee  $35.00 per item
**NSF Fee (pre-authorized automatic transfer)      $35.00 per item
Night Deposit - Key Deposit Fee $10.00 per key
Night Deposit Locking Bag w/ 2 Keys $25.00 per bag
*Notary Fee *$2.00 per document
**Overdraft Fee  $35.00 per item
Photocopy Fee $0.25 each
Research Fee  $35.00 per hour
Security Transaction Fee     $60.00 each
Statement Printout Fee    $2.00 each
Stop Payment Fee                         $25.00 each
Temporary Check Fee $0.20 each (unless checks are on order)
Travelers Check Fee $1.00 per $100.00 purchased (1%)
*Wire Transfer Fee (Domestic Incoming) *$15.00 each
Wire Transfer Fee (Domestic Outgoing) $25.00 each
*Wire Transfer Fee (International Incoming) *$15.00 each
Wire Transfer Fee (International Outgoing) $50.00 each

 *indicates fees that apply to non-customers

Consumer Overdraft Fees

We will not charge an overdraft fee, under our Ad Hoc review process:
     On transactions of $10 or less;
     If your account balance is overdrawn by $10 or less.
In addition, we will not charge you for more than 4 overdraft items per day (i.e. total overdraft fees per day could equal, but not exceed $140)

 Overdraft Fees
**The Citizens State Bank of Ouray uses the traditional Ad Hoc review, performed by bank employees, whereby pay or return decisions are made on an item by item basis.  
     Each Overdraft Item $35,     Each Item Returned NSF $35,     Each Pre-Authorized Automatic Transfer NSF $35.
Overdrafts are created by check, in person withdrawal, or other electronic means and will be subject to the overdraft and NSF fees, except Consumer Accounts will not be subject to an overdraft fee on a transaction initiated through an ATM or for a one time Point of Sale (POS) that is subsequently posted to their account and causes an overdraft. 

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