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Service Fees

* indicates fees that apply to non-customers only

ACH Origination Processing

$10.00 per Payroll

ATM Transaction Fee

$1.00 at non-CSB ATMs (plus other bank charges)

Account Closure Fee (< 90 days)  (except IRAs)  $10.00
Cashier Check Fee From $1.00 to $5.00 per check
Certified Check Fee $15.00 each
Check Card/ATM Card Replacement Fee $3.00 each
*Check Cashing Fee  *$10.00 per $100 max/checks drawn on other banks
Checks Return Fee (by other banks) $3.00 each
Collection Fee (Incoming/Outgoing Domestic)  $20.00 per item (plus corresponding bank charges)

Collection Fee (Foreign Items)

$25.00 per item
*Coin Wrap Fee *$0.50 base charge per $10.00 (5% of exchange)
Fax  Fee (Domestic Incoming & Outgoing) $2.50 first page/$1.00 each additional page
Fax Fee (International) $5.00 per page
Foreign Currency Exchange Fee $25.00 per exchange
International Service Assessment Fee (ISA) up to 1% of transaction
IRA Early Termination Fee    $35.00
Letter Of Credit Fee      1%
Levy / Garnishment Processing Fee   $75.00 each
Microfilm Copy Fee             $1.50 each
Money Order Fee From $1.00 to $5.00 per check
**Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee  $35.00 per item
**NSF Fee (pre-authorized automatic transfer)      $35.00 per item
Night Deposit - Key Deposit Fee $10.00 per key
Night Deposit Locking Bag w/ 2 Keys $25.00 per bag
*Notary Fee *$2.00 per document
**Overdraft Fee  $35.00 per item
Photocopy Fee $0.25 each
Research Fee  $35.00 per hour
Security Transaction Fee     $60.00 each
Statement Printout Fee    $2.00 each
Stop Payment Fee                         $25.00 each
Temporary Check Fee $0.20 each (unless checks are on order)
Travelers Check Fee $1.00 per $100.00 purchased (1%)
*Wire Transfer Fee (Domestic Incoming) *$15.00 each
Wire Transfer Fee (Domestic Outgoing) $25.00 each
*Wire Transfer Fee (International Incoming) *$15.00 each
Wire Transfer Fee (International Outgoing) $50.00 each

 *indicates fees that apply to non-customers

**Overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal or other electronic means will be subject to the overdraft and NSF fees.
**If there are more than 4 items that overdraw an account, the max we will charge in one day will be $140.00.
**If the item(s) overdraw the account by $10.00 or less the $35.00 fee will not be charged.
**If the item drawn against the account is $10.00 or less the $35.00 fee will not be charged.

Each Overdraft Item $35.00     Each Item Returned NSF $35.00      Each-Pre-Authorized Automatic Transfer
                                                                                                                NSF $35.00
For more information about Overdraft Protection click here

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